Working Your Style
You are committed to:
  • End hiding your desires or minimizing them for other people's comfort and feel GREAT about it so you save time and cut drama.

  • Understand how to communicate more precisely with your partner(s) about your relationship(s) of any style to eliminate misunderstanding or misconfiguration.

  • Be on the cutting edge of relationship technology and have something to feel proud of. Hey. You got TRAINED in this sh*t. Good ammunition for your next fight (Don't ACTUALLY do that).

  • Claim your unabashed POWER in all your interactions to engage with others from a place of mutual respect.

  • If you're still doing this (no judgment), you want to end lying or cheating and sleep better.

  • Build real COMMUNITY with other adventurous relationship leaders so you no longer have to feel isolated.


We used to have a long sales page explaining how great this program is. It bored us and few people read it.

If you want to take this journey with the Heart Ninja and Sorcerer:

We spent months custom coding this.
Get EARLY ACCESS to our new Open Love Style Quiz and determine where you fall on the 5 Continua Of Relationship Configuration. This includes a graphic which is downloadable and shareable.
What people are saying...
Here's what some of the past participants have said about their experience.
This course offered me a very useful new framework for understanding relating as a combination of several continuums, which made seemingly opposing impulses within myself make a lot more sense. This framework is a great tool for understanding different unique and individual styles of relating and is very non-judgmental and doesn’t preach one way over another. I found out more about what makes me tick in relationships, what’s very important to me, what I’m open and not open to and got better at understanding other people’s needs in relationships too. If the conventional relationship categories don’t fully fit you or you just want to learn more about different styles of relating and having relationships, you will definitely not regret doing this course.
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I participated in the OLS course with my husband and it was all I expected and more. It gave me a much better understanding than I previously had of who my husband and I each are as love and sexual beings. I especially appreciated the emphasis on openness, curiosity, and not pathologizing anything that is discovered.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Open Love Style just for Open Relators or Polyamorists?

The entire principle behind Open Love Style is that to define ourselves by a label ignores most of the nuances of our desires. We are all capable of infinite expression and our choices in relationship are reflective of our best understanding of what we want NOW.

In short, no. Open Love Style was created for human beings who love. If that is you, then your Open Love Style will give you a new vocabulary to speak about how you love, and help you create relationship(s) (open relationships or monogamous ones) that are aligned with that.

Can I take this program with my partner(s)/spouse?
Absolutely!!! In fact, we encourage couples to have these conversations early in their relationship to save time now and avoid the stickiness that comes from not having clarity on their desired style of relating. Creating intentional configurations is a lot easier than cleaning up infidelity. We even give a couple's discount..
How much does it cost?

We started out by listing the price on the website. Then we realized that people were seeing that it cost money and bouncing off before even considering taking the course, and developing a relationship with us.

So we took it off.  If you're interested, we want to speak with you. So book a free consultation with Michael, Emily, or one of our team and let's create a relationship.

When are we meeting?

Open Love Style 2020 Schedule:

  1. Unit 1 (Understanding Your Open Love Style): Sat, March 14 from 12:00 PM-2:00 PM AM Pacific Time on Zoom
  2. Unit 2 (Defining Your Romantic Desires): Sat, March 21 from 12:00 PM-2:00 PM Pacific Time on Zoom
  3. Unit 3 (Understanding Your Sexual Desires): Sat, March 28 from 12:00 PM-2:00 PM PM Pacific Time on Zoom
  4. Unit 4 (Attachment Spectrum): Sat, April 4 from 12:00 PM-2:00 PM PM Pacific Time on Zoom
  5. Unit 5 (Flow vs Agreements): Sat, April 11 from 12:00 PM-2:00 PM PM Pacific Time on Zoom
  6. Unit 6 (Shining Light on Your Kinks): Sat, April 18 from 12:00 PM-2:00 PM Pacific Time on Zoom
  7. Unit 7 (Integration): Sat, April 25 from 12:00 PM-2:00 PM Pacific Time on Zoom
Your love
is the foundation
of a better world
Who are we?

Open Love Style was founded by:

Emily Orum, The Heart Ninja

Emily Orum is a pioneer and expert of evolutionary relating, intimacy, love, and personal empowerment. She is an intimacy and LGBTQ Advocate that embraces a world of radical acceptance, inclusion, harmony, belonging and celebration within each other’s differences. She aims to empower each individual to design and create their own unique love style to get the relationship(s) and intimacy they want. Her Heart Ninja tool belt is extensive embodying the tools of emotional and somatic intelligence, codependence recovery, and over 15 years of therapeutic practices. She has achieved numerous certifications, and a range of skills and gifts as a Bodyworker, Sound Healer, Singer and Visionary Craniosacral Practitioner. 

Michael Author, Transformational Sorcerer
Michael Author is a Transformational Sorcerer who specializes in catalyzing those who are experiencing a time of rapid transition to focus their will and achieve extraordinary results. He has a background in ceremonial magick, neotantra, creative writing, filmmaking, and public speaking before he became a de facto public figure for alternative relating. He holds advanced degrees in Philosophy and Creative Writing, and has used his diverse life experience to inform his work as a coach, performance artist, event facilitator, and writer.
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--The OLS Team (Yes, we have one)
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