The Open Love Style Guide
Get the expanded result information.

You don't need to read 12,048 books to understand these dynamics (though it helps). Dive into conscious non-monogamy with a 38-page PDF explaining your results and the OLS approach to relating.

  • Battle misconfiguration with the Sword of Knowledge! A comprehensive breakdown of the 5 continua of relationship configuration, what they mean, and how to apply them in real life situations.

  • A set of resources you can use to get support for your unique brand(s) of non-monogamy.

  • How to have "The Conversation" you need to be having with new or existing partners about your Open Love Style (conversation models).

  • A comprehensive list of 18 relationship configurations complete with strategies for success to give you some ideas about how to structure yours.

  • A glossary of the terms you may not  know in the quiz and style guide.

  • Where to find an ACTIVE community of people to talk about this sh*t with.

  • Any future updates to the Open Love Style Guide as well as exclusive content only for those who buy the style guide to help you find like-minded community and create success in your relationships.

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Why is it only $7?
We want it to be available to anyone who wants it. It's that simple.
What does my purchase go towards?
We are growing rapidly (exponentially, in fact). With thousands of people visiting our site every day, our costs are not cheap to say the least. Charging for this guide is our way of offsetting those costs.

So, ultimately, your purchase goes to educating people about non-monogamy and NORMALIZING it.
Can I just support your project?
Yes, absolutely. All funds go directly to operating costs & getting the word out. Unfortunately, they are not tax deductible at present, but all contributions are welcome as we grow & build this out to reach more people.
Will this guide fix my relationship?
First of all, we're sorry to hear you're experiencing relationship distress. Second of all, a relationship is not something to "fix." It's something to nurture. If you're looking for a fix, this is the wrong place. However, if you're wanting to learn, grow, and show up in your relationship with more integrity and knowledge, this guide is a perfect start.
Who the F#$% are we?
Open Love Style was founded by:

Emily Orum, The Heart Ninja

Emily Orum is a pioneer and expert of evolutionary relating, intimacy, love, and personal empowerment. She is an intimacy and LGBTQ Advocate that embraces a world of radical acceptance, inclusion, harmony, belonging and celebration within each other’s differences. She aims to empower each individual to design and create their own unique love style to get the relationship(s) and intimacy they want. Her Heart Ninja tool belt is extensive embodying the tools of emotional and somatic intelligence, codependence recovery, and over 15 years of therapeutic practices. She has achieved numerous certifications, and a range of skills and gifts as a Bodyworker, Sound Healer, Singer and Visionary Craniosacral Practitioner. 

Michael Author, Transformational Sorcerer
Michael Author is a Transformational Sorcerer who specializes in catalyzing those who are experiencing a time of rapid transition to focus their will and achieve extraordinary results. His bag of tricks includes ceremonial magick, neotantra, creative writing, filmmaking, and public speaking. He also advises service-oriented entrepreneurs who wish to crystallize their messaging and business strategies. He holds advanced degrees in Philosophy and Creative Writing, and has used his diverse life experience to inform his work as a coach, performance artist, event facilitator, and writer.