Men, Your Feminine Is Worthy of Love

Men, Your Feminine Is Worthy of Love

We are consistently sold through a million channels that our value is in our ability to provide, our ability to be STRONG, our capacity to make others happy.

I’ve seen it labeled our “Masculine Core,” our “True Self” or what-have-you.

And, on the inside, a part of us is dying. The little boy who reveled in the texture of flowers. The one who cried because he felt left out. Who clung to his mother’s skirts and felt shy.

We don’t feel we can love that part of us. It must be CUT OUT and excised in favor of who we are meant to become once we heal all of our wounding.

Once we find our integrity. Once we live from our purpose. Once we make all the money we’ve ever dreamed of. Once we find a woman who is not a replica of our mother.


Our softness, our feminine, is not secondary to our “masculine core,” but an integral part of it.

Without “her” a man becomes brittle, unable to integrate feedback or criticism, overly pleasing in disposition yet paradoxically incapable of creating true safety in his own heart and the heart of another.

A man without a juicy, vivacious woman inside of him becomes more and more cynical, mistrusting, jaded, and unhappy. And he’ll take it out on YOU.

This is not about being queer, gay, or anything of the like. It’s about remembering who we are. I’m grateful to Emily Orum for nurturing this part of me, creating space and safety for my vulnerability. Which, once it is witnessed, becomes the bedrock of my strength and conviction.

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