I fully owned who I am, and how I relate: I owned my own unique s*xuality. Before this, I was blocked up with a bunch of stories such as these:

✔️ It’s not okay to have s*x with multiple people if you are partnered.

✔️ It’s not okay to share your affection “too much” if you are partnered.

✔️ Once you get married, you settle down and are a good girl and should be exclusive.

✔️ No partner will ever accept this part of me, and I will end up alone for the rest of my life.

✔️ It will be too much work, no one will ever accept me having other connections outside my partnership.

✔️ Processing will be life.

✔️ People will just be hurting each other with this kind of relating, it doesn’t work.

And let me tell you, these stories put me into 15 years of destructive codependent sh*t to demesh from.

For the longest time, I thought I was f&*%d up. That there was something wrong with me, and that I needed to hide to get my needs met.

And so I changed myself to please others, to fit in, and made my authentic desire BAD and WRONG.

Do you relate?

This had me end up in a boat load of processing and misaligned relationships. When I finally realized I was perfect in my truth, and there was nothing I needed to change about myself to be okay, I transformed into my full power. I then was able to communicate with precision about who I am and how I relate. I then met people just like me. (Thank God I am not alone out there!)

Do you want to learn how to fully claim your unique style of loving and relating?

Do you fall into an alternative form of relating and need the support to gain clairy of what that is?

Do you long for the understanding of how to communicate your needs and work through differences in your partnership without sacrificing yourself?

We got you.
The question is do you got yourself, and are you making yourself a priority?

No more excuses. YOU want to explore and claim how you relate. You want to communicate that with your partner(s) or potential candidates to work out your differences and configure properly! Sign up for the waitlist (or if we’re open) join “Working Your Style.”

This program is for ALL sexual orientations and relational styles.

I want you, if you want it! ?⚔️?❤️?