Ever Been Told You’re “In Your Masculine?”

Ever Been Told You’re “In Your Masculine?”

I have. As if that would shut me up. ? ⚔️ ❤️

For years I got flak from people for being “too masculine,” that my assertive, bold, directive, truth telling, intense, passionate, expressive parts were bad or wrong. The result: I spent years trying to fix those parts, do more healing so I could be more feminine, surrendered, soft and gentle. What a f#&@ing waste of time.

When I met Michael he changed everything for me.
When my dom/ masculine parts came out, instead of trying to change me or label those parts as controlling, he said, “I want it babe, give it to me. Give me your roar, your man, I want him, I want him to take me. The world needs your desire, your truth, your passion babe. Give it to them!”

Michael was the one who could finally meet my Dom and celebrate him fully.
Why? Because he has also integrated and embodied those parts of him.

Fast forward to two days ago, Valentine’s Day. It was a beautiful day of Sven leading and having Michael surrender. I did my best to open doors for him, ordered for him at dinner, and doted on him with all the affection, and love I could muster.

My favorite moment was eye gazing while crying and sharing how I want to slow down more and relish each other. That we are so busy doing, and giving, that it has been a long time since we slowed down to truly RELISH each other. He teared up too, expressing his desire to also find more time for mutual heart to heart nothingness.

It feels good to finally meet someone I am well matched with and that our mutual collective love is an inspiration (word taken from Francesca Gentille) to many!

Are you longing to integrate your parts on a greater level so that you can be liberated in your unique expression?

Are you wanting to find more ownership of who you are and how you run your energy in relationship?

Join Michael and my upcoming course, “Working Your Style.”
Know yourself.
Communicate about Differences.
Align and Configure Properly.

Will you join us on this journey of understanding your relationship energy and how to talk about it with precision and clarity?