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Emily Orum

I grew up in a household of opposing forces and division. 


My parents were both neglectful emotionally, for very different reasons.


I was confused and fearful and thought humans were insane, dangerous, and judgemental. 


If I controlled and caretook people who were damaged I would be safe. 


I pursued a music career and left it due to cervical cancer, collapsed in my trauma after my friend overdosed, only later to find myself married to another addict. 


I had to address my trauma or pain or I was going to die. My soul knew there was another way. 


After leaving my marriage at 29, I deepened in my codependence recovery sending me on an unstoppable path of the pursuit of healing, truth, love, and happiness. 


I never fit into a box. I was a free thinker and lover. Since 25 I have explored variations of open relating, but never really went too far because I didn’t think I could. I wanted to go further but my husband and I didn’t have the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to pursue it. 


I ended up leaving him to find myself in a relationship with a top expert in communication. 


I studied relationship deeply, obsessed with wanting to learn how to do it well. We had a profound love, but we were not configured properly. We both changed ourselves out of our integrity and truth make it work. 


We segued our partnership and I decided to come out and claim my full authentic self without shame: queer, poly, and an explorer of kink. I dedicated myself to end hiding in every area of my life. 


I then met Michael Author. 


My life shifted dramatically from that point. I felt like I could finally be myself 100%. I also felt safe. I finally met someone on a similar life trajectory dedicated to growth as their number one value. We both are open and queer and dedicated to supporting other like minded weirdos in s*x and relationship. 


Personally, I work with fem identified growth oriented entrepreneurs wanting to expand their play, s*xual range and expression. I also support them to have the tools to communicate, connect, configure properly, and create mutually relationships. 

Michael Author

I grew up in a deeply Catholic household.


My parents had both been in religious orders.


I was taught to follow the rules.


If I followed the rules I would be safe and happy.


I went to college, grad school, and got married before I realized that was a lie.


I knew there was more to life, and I set about discovering what that was.


I had never liked the rules. I’d always quietly disobeyed them. It wasn’t until age 28 that I decided to break them dramatically.


I spoke with my wife and we explored nonmonogamy. We didn’t always do it well. We lacked support. We lacked experience, knowledge, and maturity. After a few years I ended up getting another woman pregnant and it ended our marriage.


It was nothing short of devastating. My father disowned me when he found out I was nonmonogamous. I lost my career, was homeless for about a year, etc… etc…


Since then I’ve dedicated my life to healing my wounds, recreating myself, and becoming the guy I wish I had known those many years ago.


In the process I discovered Emily Orum.


My life shifted dramatically from that point. It felt like a *presence* dropped in between us and we adopted a shared mission: Helping others navigate the treacherous waters of nonmonogamous relating and birth a new paradigm of interdependent relating in the process.


Open Love Style is the current manifestation of that vision. We currently offer one group program: “Working Your Open Love Style,” and one more is in development.


We each take on a small handful of private 1:1 and 2:2 clients (couples) as well.


Personally, I work with high-performing men who desire a deeper connection with their s*xuality and to achieve s*xual mastery and true self-confidence. I will also guide service-oriented entrepreneurs bring their gifts to the world, clarify systems, and amplify their messaging and impact.

If you’re a woman and a leader who wants to begin creating the love, relationships, and intimacy you crave… let’s talk.

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