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  • Learn the one tip that will instantly upgrade your relationship(s).
  • Implement practical strategies for communicating with your partner(s).
  • See 18 different relationship configurations with their own unique strategies and pitfalls.
  • Discover what your Open Love Style chart says about YOU.


Begin your journey into your unique Open Love Style with our ebook and a series of emails designed to guide you through your own process of understanding how to create strong relationship(s) whether you’re traditional or non-monogamous. End hiding. Do it right.

What is an Open Love Style?


Your Open Love Style is unique to you. It is a synthesis of varying relationship preferences and orientations that incorporates elements of polyamory, attachment theory, and kink/bdsm.


While each of these lenses are useful on their own, your Open Love Style brings it all together in one, easily comprehensible, chart that will help others understand how you like to relate at this stage of your life.


This framework has been developed by Michael Author and Emily Orum based on their years of study, personal experimentation, and field research.


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Join Emily for some incisive analysis...
We often find that people think Mono and Poly are different worlds… to do each well require the same skillsets.
Working Your Style is a program for relationally adventurous leaders to come to clarity about their Open Love Style, and
Emily Practices her roleplaying skills.
Welcome to Open Love Style! Yes, we know we're goofballs. We recorded this video a while ago (thus the old
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I fully owned who I am, and how I relate: I owned my own unique s*xuality. Before this, I was
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Open Love Style Founders

Emily Orum

Emily Orum is a pioneer and expert of evolutionary relating, intimacy, love, and personal empowerment. She is an intimacy and LGBTQ Advocate that embraces a world of radical acceptance, inclusion, harmony, belonging and celebration within each other’s differences. She aims to empower each individual to design and create their own unique love style to get the relationship(s) and intimacy they want. Her Heart Ninja tool belt is extensive embodying the tools of emotional and somatic intelligence, codependence recovery, and over 15 years of therapeutic practices. She has achieved numerous certifications, and a range of skills and gifts as a Bodyworker, Sound Healer, Singer and Visionary Craniosacral Practitioner. 

Michael Author and Emily Orum
Oh, and we're a couple.

Michael Author

Michael Author is a Transformational Sorcerer who specializes in catalyzing those who are experiencing a time of rapid transition to focus their will and achieve extraordinary results. His bag of tricks includes ceremonial magick, neotantra, creative writing, filmmaking, and public speaking. He served as Lead Coach for the Evolved Masculine, and has since dedicated himself to helping people of all genders create the powerful, authentic, heart-based relationships they most desire. He holds advanced degrees in Philosophy and Creative Writing, and has used his education and diverse life experience to inform his work as a writer, sorcerer, indefatigable goofball, entrepreneur, performance artist, and leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

The entire principle behind Open Love Style is that to define ourselves by a label ignores most of the nuances of our desires. We are all capable of infinite expression and our choices in relationship are reflective of our best understanding of what we want NOW.

In short, no. Open Love Style was created for human beings who love. If that is you, then your Open Love Style will give you a new vocabulary to speak about how you love, and help you create relationship(s) (open relationships or monogamous ones) that are aligned with that.

We understand that the results seem complex at first. That’s why we offer several tools to help you understand your results and apply them to your life and relationship(s).

The first of these tools is the Open Love Style Guide, which you can download at the top of this page. The second of these tools are the informational videos we have posted in the “Videos” section of the site.

Finally, we have two programs to help you use your results to improve your communication and create the relationship configuration you TRULY desire. Working Your Style is the beginner course aimed at those new to Open Love Style who want to improve their communication and create frictionless configurations, and Align, which is an advanced course for those who want to create purpose-oriented relationship(s).

If you can’t be bothered to browse our materials and you have this question, however, there’s not much we can do for you. It’s all here.

First of all, it would be unethical of us to suggest you take any action in particular regarding your relationship choices. We can give you our perspective, however. We recommend that you watch “The Four Pillars of Open Relationship Fitness” before making such an important decision.

If couples have been in a committed, monogamous, partnership for a long time it can be quite a journey to entertain a new configuration, and it’s not a decision to make lightly. We recommend that anyone who is considering opening their relationship for the first time to address any deficiencies in the primary relationship first. If you’re unsatisfied with your partner, adding new people on top of that absolutely will not address the root deficiency.

That being said, there are many joys to nontraditional relating. Also, you don’t have to do it all at once. Go slowly. We call this “pacing,” and adopting too fast of a pace will absolutely strain your relationship. Release attachment to it looking any particular way, do what feels like a healthy stretch but don’t traumatize yourself.

We’re available for feedback if you would like to shoot an email to admin@openlovestyle.com and tell us what you think could be better.




So you’ve perused our stuff, started learning more about relationship configuration(s). You get that how we talk about it is not only groundbreaking, but helpful


Now you want to integrate these awarenesses into your own life for good, so you can enjoy clear, precise, authentic communication about what you want.


We’ve got you. Working Your Style is the 7-week program you’ll never have to take again. No, we didn’t create this course for other people. If you’re wondering, it’s for YOU.


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